Saturday, July 23, 2011

Etude House - Bottle!

Etude House Pump bottle
Price 3000won
Contents : None!

So this is not a very exciting purchase, but I was super excited!!! Why? Because it is PERFECT for Konading (It's a verb because I say so :P )
So this little bottle is empty, which makes 3000 won a bit expensive...... I'm not so keen on the pink, especially since Holika sells a lovely purple one in stores(Actually all of the Korean in-store brands seem to sell their own version!), but not online! So I had to settle for Etude house pink.

But since the top flips up, and it has a push down release, it is just so easy to use!
It is such a pain to try and tip nail polish remover onto a little Q-tip, especially when your nails aren't perfectly dry! I always end up tipping some on to the floor..... It drives me nuts!

I bought 2 bottles, one for eye makeup remover, and the other for nail polish!

And I am happy!


  1. I love those push pump bottles! It's really convinient! I also have one for konading--I think that I bought it from the person I bought konad products from.


  2. i have one of these. im also thinking of getting another one but for my toner :D

  3. You should!! Even better, each store has one, in a different color, blue for tony moly, purple for Holika, etc. So You could have a different color for each thing!!!