Sunday, May 9, 2010

Brand new line of Skin food wash of masks!!!!!!

Skinfood has a new line of products!!!!!!!!!!

I was perusing my local skinfood, when I noticed a sign, saying new.... And sure enough, there is a whole new type of product.

It a series of six different masks.
Acorn jelly mask 10900 ($10.90)
Acai Berry  mask 11900($11.90)
Honey Red Orange mask  9900($9.90)
Chocolate  mask  9900($9.90)
Ginesing  mask 12900($12.90)
Olive mask 10900($10.90)

The selling point is that each contains products from across the world, like Acai berries from the Amazon, Honey and red orange from New Zeland, Chocolate from Belgium, Olives from Spain, and the acorns and ginseng from Korea. Which probably accounts for the cost.... Since for skinfood the masks are more than a little pricey. Their regular masks run from 4700won to 8000won, for about the same size as the new masks.

They come in little glass jars with paper wrapped on top. Much like little homemade jam jars. I like the look of the packaging, but if anyone is considering ordering them online, the glass makes them very heavy :( .

I picked up the Red Orange Honey mask intially.
Since I was in Skinfood the day after the masks came out, there were no testers out yet.
I brought it home, and opened it up...
Only to find, it wasn't a mask at all.
But a scrub.
Then I look at the tag. Silly me, I should have looked at the little tag in the store. I did actually try, but it was tightly attached to the product, and i was concerned about ripping the tag with a Skinfood worker hovering next to me....
It says inside that the Honey red orange mask is a scrub. And to thoroughly mix the two layers, with the enclosed spoon, before using.

Then I check for the enclosed spoon.
There is no enclosed spoon. I discovered later, that because I went to Skinfood and bought the mask during the promotional period I was supposed to be given a spoon....
The lack of a spoon doesn't really bother me.
At least that is, until I try to mix the two layers with a regular kitchen spoon, on to make a epic mess.
As you can see from the picture, the jar rounds out towards the bottom, and wedging my large kitchen spoon down there, in attempt to actually mix the layers, results in product slopping over the sides, onto the jar, the counter, the spoon and my hands.

So a few days later I go back to Skinfood, and pick up anonther mask. I really was looking for a Mask/Pack not a scrub. So I pick up the Acai berry. This time their are testers, so I open the jar and check, and I read the tag. It's says moisturizing mask.

So I take it home. This time I recieved a spoon. Which for the Acai berry I don't need, since it doesn't need to be mixed, but solves my problem with the honey scrub.
That night, I first use the honey scrub, then follow with teh Acai berry mask.....
Only to discover, it too is a scrub....
The scrub particles are tiny, and few. So upon testing it seemed just like a moisturizing mask, but when applied, there are enough scrubbing particles to be a scrub.
So I went back to Skinfood yesterday, and tested every single one of the six new masks. Here are my results

Acai Berry  - Scrub
Honey Red Orange - Scrub
Chocolate - An actual mask!!!!!!!!!!
Ginesing  - Scrub
Olive - Scrub
Acorn jelly - Also a mask!!!!!

Only two out of the six are masks. This is bizzare. Since they all say masks. And they are all in the skin care section. The cleansers and scrubs are generally in the cleansing section....
The Acorn Jelly really is a jelly. Very curious, I will probably pick it up at some point.
Also the chocolate mask is like a pot full of chocolate pudding, it smells like real chocolate.  Very interesting.

So the reviews.

Honey Red Orange Mask

This mask is MESSY! Not only is it super sticky, you have to stir the whole mixture before it can be used. With the freebie spoon that Skinfood included during the promotional period, this is not a problem. without the spoon.... good luck.
It has to be stirred because it's actually a salt scrub, with large granules of salt settled in the bottom.

Generally I don't like salt scrubs. I find they tend to be drying, not to mention to rough for the face.
But with the super thick honey mixture, the effects of the salt seemed to be cancelled out.
I apply about two spoonfulls to my face, then scrub.
But as I said, this Mask is messy, and best done before a shower, in the bathroom, while naked.
Seriously. I made the mistake of being clothed the first time I tried it.
Not only did I splatter my clothes with little droplets of honey and salt (And I swear I am not a messy person!), I also smeared honey into my hair.
One really shouldn't attempt this scrub without planning on showering afterwards.
The scrub is quite good, very cleansing, and the honey is great. It's really moisturizing. After it was all washed off, which was a bit difficult, because the honey really didn't want to leave...
I found my face moist and soft.
And the next day, it was extra soft, and a little extra glowy. This mask really did make my skin look brighter and healthier.
Though the Honey red orange mask was not what I was expecting, I really really like. It's actually a really nice scrub.

Acai Berry Mask
In the store this looked like a good gel mask. The little exfoliating particles are so small that I didn't even see them.
The seem to be the same as the particles in St. Ives Apricot scrub. They are really rough, but they are also very loosely divided. So it's like scratching my face with random pieces of sand....
As a scrub, I don't like it.
In my opinion less exfoliating particles don't make for a gentler scrub, rounder, smaller particles do. less just means more scratching, less exfoliating.
Like the Honey red orange mask, it contains rough salt granules, but they are densely packed in a thick medium, so the scrub doesn't feel nearly as rough.

I've had both masks for nearly a month now. I've been ready to post my review of the Red orange honey mask for ages, but I wanted to post both reviews together.
But the Acai mask.... I don't know.
I've been using and using it, trying to find something to say about it to review.
But.... nothing....
It does NOTHING! It is not a wash, it will not clean my face, I tried.
The rough bits are not dense enough to be a scrub. So it is definitely not suitable to be a scrub.
It is not at all moisturizing. I've used it as a wash of mask numerous times.
It does nothing, nothing at all.
So while the Honey mask (ie scrub) is worth purchasing, the Acai mask is quite frankly a waste of money.


  1. Very helpful review! I was going to buy the Acai Berry Mask but I'll think I'll go with the Chocolate.

  2. oh man, I'm glad you reviewed this product because I was JUST about the buy the acai mask! The markup online is driving me nuts though...they're all running upwards of $20...even the Orange mask :P

  3. Thanks for the review, it's helpful!

  4. Thank for Your review, it's very helpful :)

  5. I have oily skin and have some acnes . Can I use Acai berry mask and Olive mask ?

  6. The acai berry mask has really light exfoliants is meant to make your face really soft afterwards. It works best on dry skin that needs extra hydration because it is a gel-like mask making it suitable for dry and sometimes sensitive skin.