Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Apple vinegar fresh foam

Apple vinegar fresh foam
Transparent-type foam  cleanser containg a large amount og potassium, minerals and a citric acid that makes drab skin caused by horny substances smooth, and whose honey extract provides moisture to your skin and thouroughly removes make-up residue.

The Apple Vinegar Fresh Foam sample is precisely the reason I am using only samples for a month. This is exactly the sort of thing I would NEVER buy for myself, and the sample has been sitting in a cupboard for like 6 months. Apple Vinegar..... eww? What do you think? Would you buy a Vinegar face wash?
Smells - Like apples. Like real apples, not like artificial apple scent, with a tiny faint touch of vinegar in the background. But I suspect I only noticed the vinegar scent because I was looking for it! I really like the smell. I love the smell of apples, and the scent of this cleanser is appley but not super strong.
Texture- A gel! I expected a cream, or something, but it looks like HAIR GEL!!!!! So bizarre!
Effectiveness- Wow. That's probably all I need to say, but brevetity is not my strong suit.
So i saw that the cleanser was a gel, and was perpelxed. Then I read the instructions, which say to rub it on the face with water, and it will foam. I patted it on, and with only a tiny bit of rubbing it foamed, just like soap. I actually ended up using way to much cleanser, because I thought there was no way the little bit I was using could foam up enough to do my entire face.
But it did, with tons of extra. Next time, I'll try for half as much!
I washed it off, getting some in  my mouth and eyes as usual (I swear I'm like a kid), The cleanser tastes more vinegary than it smells, but you really aren't supposed to be eating it. And it stung a bit in my eyes, but nothing surprising.
With it all washed off, I dried my face, to find, Wow! My face was soooo soft and smooth! Like I had just exfoliated, and moisturized! Soooo good. 
Buy?- Bought. Seriously. My skin was so soft, and so nice! I might buy extras....


  1. i usually dont like vinegar too (had to use cider vinegar a year ago and the experience was not pleasant).glad you like this one might buy it if ebay has it ^ ^

  2. This one sounds wonderful too. Another item to put onto my wish list.

    Thanks so much for revewing!


  3. I can't stand vinegar at all, so even if this does only have the tiniest hint of vinegarish scent i wouldn't be able to cope with it. But wow it sounds amazing!

  4. Thanks for the review! I have this exact sample too, and I agree with you - I would never have bought a full size!!! I gotta find my sample and try it now! And yes, I gotta buy it next time I go to Korea!

    This is why it's a great idea for Korean companies to give out samples!