Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Skinfood - Honey Black Tea Jelly foam

Honey Black Tea Jelly foam 
-Honey black tea cleansing foam with a glutionus jelly texture. It contains honey extract effective for moisturizing dry skin and black tea for eliminating keratin and giving skin a boost.
Smells INTENSELY of Honey and tea. It's over poweringly strong, nice, but as though I smeared honey and 20 pots of tea all over teh bathroom. Sometimes Skinfood samples smell more intensely than the actual product. 
Texture- super runny, clear liquid, and did not foam AT ALL??? isn't it suposed to be a foam?
effectiveness - seems to very gently cleanse. Very light, very soft, very gentle
Buy?- No, though it's gentle and softens my skin, I don't 

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