Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Skinfood Mushroom Lifting Ampoule 100 and Algae Smooth Ampoule 100

Skinfood Mushroom Lifting Ampoule 100 and Algae Smooth Ampoule 100

I got the Mushroom and Algae ampoule together(they are joined). Both are super tiny. Barely enough for one application each. But Most packet samples are good for about two aplications so it makes sense (1 application each=2 applications)
And I have, in the 6 months I've been buying skinfood and getting samples, I only received this one sample of the Mushroom and Algae ampoules.
Amazing considering I've gotten duplicates of just about every thing else.
I have no idea what th number 100 means. Maybe the concentration? The ampoules are both supposed to be used as serums. 

Smell- Gross. It smells like wood and dirt. I've never noticed that mushrooms have a smell, so maybe thats what it is. But to me this ampoule smells like rotting wood.
Texture- A runny clear liquid. Not like the thicker serums I'm used to.
Effectiveness- Left my face a little bit sticky, even though I only used a teeny tiny bit of the ampoule. Beyond that I saw no noticeable affect on my skin. After one application I wouldn't expect a positive result. But on the plus side it was at all irritating to my skin, didn't make me break out. 
Buy?- No. The smell itself is a turn off.

Smell- No detectable scent. Yay!
Texture- Thicker than the mushroom apoule, not quiet a gel, but close. And interestingly enough it's filled with irridescent sparkles. Although they do not show up on teh skin after application!
Effectiveness- Unlike the mushroom ampoule, the Algae absorbed cleanly, I could feel that it was on my skin, but only barely. Beyond that, I noticed no reaction with my skin. 
Buy- I'm considering. There is no way to tell if a serum is good with only a single use. Sure you can spot a bad one, but a good one, not so much. Based on the tester it seems like it could be a decent serum. And I SWEAR it's not because it's sparkly!

With a few drops of each left, I applied some of the Mushroom ampoule to one side of my face, and the Algae to the other. By the next morning, the side with Algae was smoother than the other. Especially my forehead. Smoother, and clean feeling. The side with the Mushroom ampoule felt just barely sticky, the residue of leftover product!


  1. a serum that is sparkly? that's intriguing. there are powders foundations and bb creams that are sparkly and luminous but serum?? now i am definitely going to check this out. ^ ^

  2. hmmm I have a sparkly eye serum as well, not skinfood though. Some people mistake the sparkly texture as an improvement in skintone. It makes my eyes look a bit brighter(appearance wise) especially when i'm tired.