Monday, May 17, 2010

Skinfood Gold Caviar Line

Skinfood's Gold Caviar Skin care line
The line includes the essentials, Toner, Emulsion(moisturizer) at least 2 kinds of creams, Ampoule, Serum and Dual eye creams.
I have the full size of the Serum, and the eye creams. All of which I love!

Gold Caviar Toner
Clear Toner, though in the little plastic sample it might look orange, but that's just the bottle. It has real flecks of gold dispersed within it. The toner is thicker than western toners, but not a gel (*sigh* Gel toners are my favorite).
Scent- Perfumed, exactly what the scent is I can't tell, it smells like generic perfume. However, the scent isn't strong, and once it applied it dissipates quickly. It doesn't bother me in the least, plus without perfume, would it smell like fish(caviar) EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!
Texture- Not a gel, but thicker than western toners. It has little flecks of gold in it! yay! They do not show up on the skin once the toner has been applied.
Effectiveness- A nice light toner. The smell is faint, and the texture is nice. I've used this Toner sooo many times. I've gotten countless samples of it! I really do enjoy it.
Buy?- Maybe. It's on the expensive side for Skinfood, and it's not a gel toner. I just prefer a gel (no cotton pad need for application!). But on the other hand, its really gentle, makes my skin feel a bit softer, and the only lightly scented. If anyone is thinking of picking it up, you really can't go wrong.

Gold Caviar Emulsion, Gold Caviar Collagen Cream, Gold Caviar Lifting Prime Skin
- I lumped the three together in one review because they are all so similar, they are just variations of moisturizers from the same line from Skinfood. Therefore, the scent is all the same, and the same as the Toner and Serum. Its a light perfumed scent. Not strong or offensive, or even distinct. 

I have the cavair emulsion (moisturizer), the Gold Caviar collagen cream, the Gold caviar lifting prime skin, plus I think there is a gold caviar cream.... What the difference between all of them is....
Not much.
The Gold Caviar emulsion is the runniest and the lightest. But still a med-heavy moisturizer.
the Gold Caviar lifting prime skin is thicker.
The Gold caviar collagen cream seems the same as the lifting prime skin.
The emulsion and collagen cream are the most similar, they both absorb quickly, without leaving a white cast.
The Lifting prime seems to be a different composition.
If you look at the picture, it leaves a white cast.
Beyond that the differences are small. I like Lifting prime the least. It leaves a residue, and the white cast. Which is really peculiar. I can't figure out why it's so different.
It's a toss up between the emulsion and the Collagen cream. The cream if you want more heavy duty moisture, and emulsion for something lighter.
Gold Caviar collagen serum
I love this Serum, I love it so much I bought the full size! See the review Here.


  1. I love this line! I hate the emulsion though, it wouldn't dry, I always had film left over. :(

  2. Never tried it, but I sure like the packaging.

  3. Maybe it's just me but it looks like it leaves a bit of a shine and/or glow after you rub it in. If it does, then I like the fact that it'll give you a glowy complexion. It does look very interesting.


  4. I agree with you guys teh packaging is nice, and it looks a lot like the full sizes.

    -Galpal.hi - Good point! The white cast would definitely be brightening/ whitening... Curious...

  5. Always wanted to know about this line. Nice little review! Any info about the pricing?

  6. Just wondering... what is your skin type? My friend bought the toner and she said it's very oily and it gave her forehead pimples. She is like me, has combination skin. I prefer water based toners. I'm currently using Skinfood's Tomato Whitening toner. Very nice.

  7. I have dry skin! Sooo dry :( So it really worked for me, but yes it is an oil base, so not as great for those with oily skin!