Friday, April 30, 2010

Skin food nail system- Hardener, Base, Essence

Skin food nail system- Hardener, Base, Essence

I am fully aware of how woefully short my nails are. Since I've never been big on polish, it's has never been an issue. But getting the Konad system has caused me too look at my nails as a deficiency.
since I've started using the Konad system, I have students whom, everyday ask to see my nails.
I didn't really think it's healthy to instill a beauty obsession in them so young. Definitely what's on the inside is more important than what's on the outside..... But it did make me realize that using the Konad system was drawing more attention to my nails.
So I decided to pick up some items to help my nails grow longer, and look better.

So I bought 3 things from Skinfood.
Nail Vita Essence 1500won ($1.50)
Nail Vita Base coat  1500won ($1.50)
Nail vita hardener 2000won ($2.00)

They are all in the Nail vita line, but they aren't technically a set.... I just bought them together.

Nail Vita Essence

This is a nail moisturizer. I've never seen anything like it. I've seen tons of nail/cuticle oils, but never a cream.
Between that, and the fact the Etude House Nail Polish remover leaves my nails painfully dry (ugh...), I had to buy this!
First off, it smells yummy. It's a soft, nutty moisturizer scent. Reminds me a bit of Vaseline intensive care moisturizer. Which might not sound amazing, but after nail polish remover, it's a relief.
The moisturizer is applied directly to the nails using the nail polish brush.
It is very moisturizing. My nails look shinier, and healthier after using.
But most importantly, the moisturizer does not interfere with polishes applied afterwards. I just wipe of any excess, and I'm ready to apply my Base coat.

Nail Vita Base coat
Something I've noticed here in Korea is the Nail polishes base and top coats are not much more than clear nail polishes. They seem to have no affect at all on the staying power of nail polish.
It's bizarre.
The Nail Vita Base coat is not a wast of money and time though.
As you can see from the milky pink color, it's not just a plain old clear or milky white base. According to the label it contains Vitamins and Keratin, for healthier nails.
This is good considering how much I'm changing my nail polish these days.
The polish is runny, but applies smoothly, leaving a glossy finish. Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't a lot of base coats leave a slight rough, or at least matte base, to make the next coat of polish apply better?
This doesn't affect the polish either way.
What it does, is help protect my nails. It definitely helps keep them from drying out, and helps a little against staining.
So while this isn't the best base coat for staying power, I  recommend it to anyone who is looking at protecting their nails.

Nail Vita Hardener
I have used Nail Hardeners before. Mostly back in Canada, with little or no success. But I needed a top coat,   so I thought I might as well try the hardener.
It's an orange tinted clear polish, that I'm not exactly sure is meant to be used as a top coat....
any time I've used hardeners before they've indicated clearly on the bottle whether they are to be a top or base coat.
Regardless, I apply it atop my finished nails.
The results.... Not bad. If I apply the polish every day, my nails are firmer, less inclined to bending and breaking. I did successfully manage to grow them a bit longer ( I do teach kindergarten kids, so my nails take a serious beating, painting, washing my hands a million times, games, etc.).
As a hardener it's as good if not better than anything I've ever used.
But the best part is, it is the best top coat I've found for the Konad nail art!
Surprise surprise! It goes on quickly, and doesn't blur the design at all!
The only problem is the orange tint to the polish makes white polish yellow....
So it's useless over anything with white. But for all other designs its perfect!


  1. Skinfood also does the best cuticle remover; Pineapple Vita or something.

  2. I've seen it! If you think it's good I'll have to try!