Monday, April 12, 2010

Etude House Milk Screw - 04

Etude House Milk Screw - 04
Price: 3500won ($3.50)

I've become absolutely addicted to my cream canmake blush. It;s just the perfect peachy pink, that's so wearable for everyday.
I picked up the Etude house milk screw,a lipstick, to go with the blush. I really need a peachy pink gloss, on cream to naturally pair with the canmake blush. My lips are naturally quite pink, so it can look a bit off with a peach blush...

So I picked up the Milk screw. Why in the world is it called a milk screw? Really a terrible name for anything.
It's not quite a lipstick not quite a gloss. It applies beautifully sheerily.
And then turns pink....
It's a color change product!
When I tried it in store I quickly swatched it, and it showed up peach. I didn't look back later and realize it turned pink.
The pink is very pink, It's not peachy at all!

And honestly, it's a bit too bright for me to wear.


  1. the name is confusing, at first i thought it was a cleansing product, then reading the first part of your review and seeing the photo i thought it was a cream blush. hahaha boy i was so wrong! :P

  2. *Laughs* Bad news coffretgorge.... It's a lipstick! I bought it to match my canmake blush.... The name is super weird though! What does Milk screw even mean?

  3. me too ! at first I looked it up on wikipedia, but it doesn't show. So I googled it and found my way here ^^ BTW here's something I like to do with etude milk screw : I put it on first and put on my fave lip stick , I think It makes it long lasting. Well, it doesn't hurt if you try right ? ^^

  4. I keep laughing at the name... and like you, i still cannot figure out why they named it Milk Screw but it's a really good product. I haven't been using any lips product so diligently every single day since I purchased it. I needed something not to make my lips chap and I bought this really randomly. I have no idea why I selected this color too, maybe I thought that it'll look really natural and not too red... Honestly I didn't even swatch on the other colors.

  5. hmm, i think they thought of the name MILK SCREW because the product itself has the word MILK after it's flavor/scent.. eg. APPLE SCREW, etc.. SCREW because you twist it when you're gonna use it, like a screw.. LOL! haha, i love etude house, anyway.. despite of the funny/confusing names they have on their products.. :)