Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Etude House - Orjel Light Lipstick

Etude House - Orjel Light Lipstick -
Price: 8000won ($8)
After the miss with the Etude House's Milk Screw, I was still on the hunt for a peach lip color, preferablly not a lipstick, but something with more color than a gloss.
So I tried the pretty Orjel light lipstick.

It comes in a pink, pearly tube with the Etude House characteristic swirl motif on top. Honestly the pink packaging of Etude house is all too pink and girly for me. But I tend to love their products, and I don't hate the packaging. So I keep buying stuff....

The lip color looks sooo pretty in the tube. It comes out a sheer, slightly sparkly gloss. A bit more opague and a bit less shiny than a true gloss. But really its a grogeous color, just a nice natual balance between pink and peach.
It even goes beautifully with my Canmake cream blush (the whole reason I bought the lipstick in the first place!)

The only downside to the lipstick is it's super drying. I can't figure out why. I wear it, and all of my sudden my lips are parched. I had to go out and buy a thick gloss from It's Skin, because my lips were driving me insane. I had gone out thinking I'd been just fine with only my Lipstick.
Ah well, lessoned learned.

As for the Orjel light Lipstick, I really love the color, and I will continue wearing it, with a moisturizing gloss near at hand.


  1. beautiful! now I'm also so into peach pinky shade.. and that packaging is so cuteee.. ^^

  2. GOd the packaging is just so beautiful!