Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Elisha Coy - Diamond Shiny Pearl BB

Elisha Coy - Diamond Shiny Pearl BB
Price 27000won ($27)
Size: 50ml

SPF 27 PA++
"phyto treatment" 6 fruit flower extracts to make the skin soft

I picked up the Elisha Coy Shiny Pearl BB when I was in Seoul. It came with a small Elisha Coy triple BB and 5 tiny samples of Always Nuddy BB.
At $27 for only 50ml it's one of the more expensive BB creams I own. With my Skin79 ones being a bit more expensive(and smaller in size!)
I totally picked this BB up because the cap contains a white highlighter and little mirror and it's just TOO cute!

The actual BB looks seriously dark on my skin when first applied. But I find that all BB creams look like the wrong color initially. Once it's smoothed out, the color lightens and blends to a really natural tone.
The cream itself is more on the pink toned side. So for a Non-Asian, this works a lot better!

Since I don't need heavy coverage, I generally apply a BB cream mixed with a bit of moisturizer of sunscreen. When I apply it thusly, it looks completely natural. I don't have to worry about blending into my neck.
The BB is also super nice, it smooth, and light, it last's all day. Plus, even though it's called Shiny Pearl, it's not overtly shiny. Just a little sheen, to make me look a little extra glowing. I think even ladies with oilier complexions could get away with this.

So even though I really like this BB cream, and wear it often, my absolute FAVORITE part of the product is the little highlighter!!! It's the best white highlighter EVER!
I always wear a little white in the inner corner of my eyes, and this is the longest lasting thing I've ever encountered. Even after a long day of work, chasing around kids, I still have bright looking eyes!
I seriously use this highlighter every single day. I'm even tempted to buy the BB cream, just for the highlighter!

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