Sunday, April 11, 2010

Etude House -Creamy Peach Chou Body Oil

Etude House -Creamy Peach Chou Body Oil
Price: 7500won ($7.50)
Size: 150ml

I still haven't decided how I feel about body oils..... On the one hand, after a shower they help retain moisture, and make my skin beautiful and soft. On the other hand, they are messy, staining, dripping, oil slick creating disasters waiting to happen.
Plus, if I use one any time except after shower-time, I just end up with dry skin topped by a mess.

But.... I bought the Etude house Chou body oil anyways....
It comes in a nice convient pump bottle, and though it's small compared with my Nivea Avocado oil for a similar price, the convience definately is a benefit (My Nivea bottle always seems to be slippery and akward, and I keep waiting for it to shoot from my hands and create an oily avocado scented calamity)

Inside the oil is surprisingly light, and absorbs surprisngly well. I can actually use it at non shower times, with out too bad of results. 
Maybe I was wrong about body oils? I HATE the Nivea Avocado oil, but maybe it's just that paticular one? What do you think?

The Chou body oil is also deliciously scented. It's not the realistic peach of Tony Moly's Peach hand cream, It's a more sugary, candy peach smell. But I don't find it to be sickeningly sweet, and though it's strong, it dissapates quickly, leaving just a light scent of peach close to the skin.

In the end, I'm not sold on body oils. I like this one for after a shower, but otherwise I'd rather have a good cream(preferably a butter)

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