Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Frigga BB balm (cream)

Frigga BB balm
Price: 5000won ($5)
-Wrinkle (prevention or improving?)
This is another BB cream I picked up in Seoul. I bought this at an unnamed (at least in English) beauty store, a lot like a Beautyplex.
It's super cheap. It has to be the cheapest BB cream I've ever seen.
In the swatch, the color looks pretty close to my skin tone. But unlike a lot of other BB creams, it doesn't blend as seamlessly into the skin. So the color difference doesn't dissipate when applied. It's fairly yellow toned, and it's even more noticeable when all over my face.  It's not a terrible match but not a good one either.

Beyond that, the quality is cheap (as you might guess from the Price!), and it's a little bit oily.
Compared with my other BB creams, my stack of BB creams, this one is just bad.
Even at only $5 it was a waste of money!

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