Friday, April 9, 2010

Tony Moly- Backstage self smoky eye collection.

Tony Moly- Backstage self smoky eye collection.
Price: 14500won ($14.50)

Ah, I have a fetish for packaging. Mini things, or  travel sizes, or multiple items, or compartments. That's the sort of thing that makes me snatch up the most un-necessary things.

The Tony Moly Backstage self smokey eye collection is a black cream eyeliner, with two baked (i think) shadows, and a brush, all in one sleek compact.
And since I ADORE cream eyeliners, and smoky looks, I had to buy this!

Luckily for me, the eyeliner, while you basic black cream is lovely. It's NOT the perfect balance between wet and dry. More dry creams are longer lasting, whereas wetter/looser cream shadows are easier to apply(dry ones clump and flake sometimes.) it's not the Best cream eye liner I have, it's too creamy, too wet. It tends to smudge.      Of course all creams do when first applied... But this one never really dries down.  So I can smear my eyeliner half way through the day. That just sucks.
But tony Moly liner is smooth, deeply pigmented and lasts quite well. As long as I don't rub my eyes, or I set it with a bit of shadow, it's fine. And really, I'm picky about my creams, and it's not actually bad.

The shadows above, are in dark brown and taupe. The box didn't claim baked, but other than the name, there was no English on the box, so I can't be sure.
The colors are lovely, if on the cool side. The create a nice natural look. Both are pigmented, with a nice shimmer.
The eyeshadow's are really nice quality. They aren't flakey, or dry, they apply smoothly and last well. Generally to the end of the work day.
The price is a lot for an eyeliner and eyeshadow here in Korea.  Eyeliners are usually between 8and 10, and bake eyeshadow around 7-10, but considering the liner is half the size of my Etude house liner, and the eyeshadow is less than half the size of the baked trio from face shop....  It seems like a bit much.

All in all I really like this little set. It's a nice 'collection' great for a clean professional look.  But for the price, and the quality, it's more of a gimmick that a worthwhile buy.

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