Wednesday, April 7, 2010

BB cream comparison I

BB Cream comparisons 1!

I Love BB creams. They are light, blend easily, moisturizing, and contain sunscreen! Plus a lot of them have whitening, or clarifying, or other benefits! I've given up all other forms of foundation.
With that said, here is a selection of swatches, and a quick comparison of a few Korean BB creams.

Frigga: $5                                                  40g
Skin79 Super Blemish Balm: $30           40g
Elisha Coy Shiny Pearl: $27                   50ml
Elisha Coy Always Triple: $27                50ml
Elisha Coy Always Nuddy:$27                50ml
Skinfood Aloe: $9.90                               50g
Etude House Precious Mineral: $8        60g

From the picture you can see pretty well that EC Shiny Pearl and Etude's precious Mineral are the darkest.  
Color wise, Skin79 is the best, followed by Skinfood's Aloe, and Elisha Coy's triple.


I don't like at all :( See my review


I absolutely adore the Skin79 Super Blemish Balm, it was my absolute favorite until I discovered the skin79 Absolute total BB(which is of course more expensive!)It's just super smooth, blends well, stays on all day, and makes my skin look good even without makeup! I use the skin79 stuff all the time. Even though it's really expensive for a BB cream. Here in Korea they generally range from 8 to 20 dollars.
That's reasonable to me. I actually use less, and get better results with a BB than traditional foundation.

Elisha Coy

My second favorite out of this bunch is the Elisha coy Shiny pearl. Even though it's not a great color match. It blends really well, it's beautifully smooth, it has a subtle pearly sheen, and lasts beautifully.

I like it better than the Elisha coy Always Triple, even though it's closer to my skin tone. The always triple is, I think, meant for heavier coverage. It's thicker and more opaque. A bit closer to foundation

The Elisha Coy Always Nuddy I only received in tiny samplers. It's smooth and nice. The color is a bit on the yellow side.

Skinfood Aloe BB
I Adore skinfood, or their skin care, as for their makeup.... But in this case, the Aloe BB is a solid competitor. It's a really good color for Caucasian skin. It's pink toned, but not too pink, and it's quite light. It does come in too shades though for anyone darker. The BB is also light, but tends a bit to the runny side. It's fine for me, I do like sheer coverage.

Etude House Precious Minerals 

Out of all the BB creams I've swatched here, this is the most yellow.  It lightens up considerably when applied. However it is my third most used BB cream. It's cheap, super cheap really at only $8! It lightens up quite well when applied, and as long as I blend a bit around my jaw and neck, the color difference isn't at all noticeable. It has a very neutral very matte finish. Which I find most BB creams do not have. They tend to have a bit of a sheen. Which is fine sometimes, but I like to use this BB on hotter days, when you really don't want a sheen, or when applying a highlighter, so it looks more natural.


  1. awesome review im gonna check some of these out

  2. Can you please tell me which shade is the Etude House BB cream? I consider buying it but they have more different shades so I'm not sure wich one should I pick. Thanks ;-)