Thursday, April 22, 2010

Majolica Majorica

Majolica Majorica - Bk999

I Love Mascara. I think I might have mentioned that before... Maybe...
This though, it the best, most wonderful mascara ever.
My old stand by, cheap and reliable was covergirls Lash Blast.  I have discovered, that for my lashes a comb, or silicone brush is better than a traditional brush.
But until I picked up the Majolica mascara I wasn't toally sold on the comb. They generally work well, but it's rare to find a mascara that is actually exceptional/
This mascara is exceptional.

The comb despoits color evenly, extending the lash tips, while sperating and thickening. The result after one good swipe, beautiful, thick long lashes.
It only takes a swipe or two to be perfect, any more and clumping will eventually happen, as is true with any mascara.
However, unlike other mascara's you really don't need to keep swiping. Hell, I look like I have false lashes on after two swipes.
It's perfect.
And the mascara formula is both very darkly colored and wet enough that it does dry out, in the tube or on the lash (so no lumps...).

The only fault of the product, is it's staying power. It's intense. The mascara stays on FOREVER! No regualr eyemake up remover is match for it. It's definitely the most difficult to remove mascara I've ever encountered. I have to use a heavy duty mascara remover, and sometimes I will still find traces the next day, or two days later....
But I've cried and sweated, and rubbed my tired eyes in this mascara, and it doesn't budge. It's fail safe.
I love the Majolica Majorica mascara.
Love love love!

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  1. I love MM mascaras too! Yea, I agree, they are a pain to remove though. =)