Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Daily Fresh - Black raspberry Collagen

Vov Masks
Daily Fresh - Black Raspberry Collagen
Price 2000 won (less than $2 US)
for all skin types

Cool mask pack for  elastic and animated look. Black raspberry extract provides rich nutrition and extra moisture on skin. Collagen revitalizes skin rhythm to create healthy and soft look.
This was one of the VOV Daily fresh masks I was most eager to try.  I adore raspberries, and it’s rare to find raspberry theme items. Usually it’s strawberry or Cherry.
When I opened the package, this horrible smell wafted up. I looked around my room for a moment before realizing it was the mask that stunk. It’s smells sort of like moldy books…. Definitely like mold.
This is the first, and only VOV Daily fresh mask to drip.
When you open the individual mask package there is generally a clear gel inside. It’s wet, and it’s easy to drip some on yourself.
But once the mask is applied and smoothed against the skin, there is no running or dripping with the rest of the line.
But the Black raspberry collagen trailed in long drips down my neck. The composition seems more liquid, not as though there is more product.

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