Saturday, January 2, 2010

Missha Show powder blusher

Missha Show - powder blusher
Price: 8000won/ $8 (On sale 3500won/$3.50!!!!)
Color: Tyra 
Beauty bloggers out there seem to have an consensus on stamp style blushes, they suck.
Here in Korea, Stamp blushes are everywhere.  
I have tired them personally, with not very good results.
But when I saw this blush by Missha, it was so pretty and the blusher color so perfect, and the price, unbelievable, I had to snap it up.
With stamp blushes I usually just remove the stamp sponge (most screw off) and use the blush like a loose powder. Not an ideal solution, but better than having two stamped circles on each cheek.
The Missha blush is encased in shiny silver and clear plastic. Making the packaging gorgeous, though a smudge magnet.
Inside is the basic sponge top.

The blush itself is a pinkish peach with gold sparkles.

In the store I fully expected this to be an occasional use blush. Big gold sparkles are too much for me to wear to work.

To my delight, when applied the sparkles are surprisingly subtle.
The sponge applicator is also better than other brands I’ve tried. It deposits only a small amount of color with each pass, making it easy to create a natural look, and preventing two circles of color.
The blush is also sheer to light. Making it build-able.
In all honesty this is the first time a stamp blusher has worked in such a way as to be useable!
Plus the color is gorgeous.  Its pink enough to go with my Caucasian skin tone, and peach enough to be warm and super flattering with green eyes.

I really really like this blush. Enough that when I run out I will probably go out and buy it at regular price!


  1. Lovely color, u made me wanna go get this blush,love ur reviews^^