Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Skinfood Tea Tree Bubble Cleansing Foam

Skinfood Tea Tree Bubble Cleansing Foam
Price: $7.70 (7700won)
Size: 160ml
The Tea Tree Foam is another of the products that I picked up at Skinfood for my boyfriend to use. Although this product in particular is not from one of the Men’s lines.
Really all a men’s product is, is one packaged and scented differently.
And since the Tea tree bubble foam comes in a plain green plastic bottle with a pump top dispenser and a brown paper look label, it’s certainly manly enough.
Interestingly enough, even though Skinfood labels a number of their products in the brown paper, none of it is actually cheap brown paper.
They are actual labels. So they don’t warp or peel when wet.
So they aren’t cheap, they just look it….

The Tea tree Foam is a clear liquid, that turns into a foam when pumped out. The foam is fluffy and light, abut doesn’t foam up one the face. In fact the foam completely disappears when wet…
That seems backwards to me…. Shouldn’t it later up on the face?
Regardless, it’s very cleansing. It’s way too strong for me. It’s strips my skin and makes it even drier.
But I have dry skin to start with, and there is no reason for me to use a product with tea tree oil.
On my boyfriends oilier skin though, this is a good products. It really cleanses, but it doesn’t leave him dry.
Between this and the tea tree and lavender toner from skin food, his skin has been more even and blemishes have been greatly reduced.
In fact, it’s rare for him to have one when he is consistently using both products.
The product does have a tea tree oil scent. But I can’t notice it at all in the foam itself.

All in All, I think this is a really good foam for oily skin. It seems to hit the right balance of drying out excess oil without going to far. But it’s not for dry skin.


  1. thanks for dropping by dear :) Never tried any of the Korean brands (oh wait perhaps except Laneige sleeping pack trial size) tea tree foam would be perfect for guys and their sometimes oil slick face hahaa... hope your bf enjoyed it!

  2. this used to be my fave facial wash... i finished two bottles of it before deciding to change to the cream type facial wash of the same line :) it definitely not drying for oily pips like me...

  3. woowww..im really thankfull bout your review
    i have oily skin..sensitive, and if im on stress or hectic situation i got acnes and prones more....so i need to know which product is good for mine..i was tried sebamed, The Face Shop quick and mild foam. Sebamed is gud for removin my black head but it made my dry..TFS is gud either for my acne but not my black head..hehhehe

  4. heiii..
    i've been used this product for 2 weeks after read this review, for the first time umm it really work n made my skin brighter and soft...but too bad after few days my skin become so dry, and i considering to change another foam from this line -Skinfood green tea bubble foam-, does anybody know thos product? please..share your review here, thanx a bunch