Friday, January 15, 2010

VOV Daily Fresh - Mineral water and Pumpkin

VOV Daily Fresh

Mineral water soothing
Price: 2000won / $2
Cool mask pack for rich moisture skin. Clean and cool moisture relief by immediate moisture and mineral support on dry skin.

The Mineral water soothing mask was pretty basic as you might imagine. In no way was it remarkable.  With that said though, the whole Daily fresh line is about the best line of sheet masks I’ve run across, for the size and shape of the mask, the variety, and the super gentleness.

So even though this mask didn’t do anything beyond what the Daily fresh masks usually do, it’s a good basic everyday sort of mask.
If you buy a mask for a once a week, or special occasion use, go for a more dramatic one.
But for me, it’s a good weeknight neutral mask.

Pumpkin cooling smoothing
Yammy mask pack for slim v line face. Pumpkin’s extract helps to bring swelling down and to show a sharp face line. And it’s fresh cooling textrue provides a soothing effect and elasticity to your skin.

Ahhh…. How I wish a sheet mask could give me a v line face…. But honestly….. No matter what they put in a mask, there is no way it’s going to give anyone a slimmer face.
With that said, I am not against trying lol.
The pumpkin mask though is a bit of a disaster. It starts out well, with almost no smell, and what there is, is just vaguely skin care producty. The mask applies without being too runny (like that stupid black raspberry one) And it’s slightly cooling on the face.
My first impression is good.
Then after about five minutes my forehead starts to itch a little.
The itching slowly turns to a mild burning.
After well less than 15minutes I peel of the mask, to find my face red and splotchy.
The burning wasn’t awful (not like the etude house O2 white mask), but it was definitely uncomfortable enough that I wanted it off.
I have to admit that I’m amazed that some of the VOV Daily fresh masks are reacting in this way, especially when most of them are really good….
Ah well.

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