Tuesday, January 12, 2010

skin food - white chocolate mask

Skin food - white chocolate mask
Cost 1500won ($1.50)
Time on - 10 to 15min
Mask with cocoa extracts which provide elasticity to the skin

The size of the sheet mask was really wide. It streched all the way to my ears, but too short to go under my chin. Asian faces do tend to be shorter and broader, but this was a bit ridiculous, and my ears really shouldn’t be half covered by the mask. The size, shape and placement of the eye, nose and mouth holes were normal and reasonable. Therefore the mask shape is not unusable, just a little irritating.

The one thing I really expected from this mask, was a nice scent. I mean It’s choloate, white or not it should be yummy. But…. The smell was gross. Really really gross, not at all like chocolate kind of like cherry medicine and old lady perfume The scent was also stronger than I would like, even if it was attractive. Yuck.

After - My skin was left very sticky, even after rubbing the excess of product. My forehead though was slightly tight and noticeably smoother. A surprising result from an inexpensive sheet mask.

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