Saturday, January 9, 2010

Missha single eyeshadows and palettes

Missha - Single Eyeshadows and empty Multi shadow case
Small shadow -3500won, ($3) On sale $1
Large shadow - 4200won ($4) On sale $2
Small Palette- 9000won ($8.5) 0n sale $3
Large Palette- 1500won ($14)  On Sale $5
I adore pre-made eyeshadow palettes. I think my eye for colors is pretty good, but with most pre-made palettes they are quick easy and create beautiful results. Well, when you get them from good Makeup brands.
The make your own eye shadow palette thing is not something I’m really into… There are a few colors I use a lot, but then I just buy a couple of singles.
The Missha single eyeshadows and empty palettes were on sale, for 50% off.
That’s sooo cheap. Plus the brand’s few pre-made sets looked…. Ugly.
So I bought two empty palettes, a small and a large, and an assortment of colors. I bought a couple that I use all the time, and some random colors just to mix things up.
The palettes themselves are really nice.

The large one is a pale(almost white)sparkly pink on top, with the usual Missha mirror finish on back.

The palette is sturdy plastic. Inside the mirror takes up the whole of the cover. Large enough to actually do ones make up.
The case fits 4 large eyeshadows and four small. The liner that holds the shadows in place is a stiff sponge, making them stable but relatively easy to switch out.

Also included is the standard eyeshadow applicator.

The smaller case is done completely in the mirror finish. Which of course picks up finger prints like crazy.
But when it’s polished it looks so sleek….

The inside is hard plastic, unlike the larger palette. But the back has small holes to depot the eyeshadows. I prefer this personally, even though use eye shadows tend to make a mess when tipped upside down. Still it’s better than the sponge, because I tend to be clumsy, and more than a few times have I accidentally gouged a chunk out of an eyeshadow.
The mirror and applicator are also included in this size.
Both were on sale. I paid $5 for the large and $3 for the small. Completely different from the original price.
I purchased 11 eyeshadows in total.

Small -VL207 (dark purple with small blue sparkles)
- BR204 (Bronze with gold sparkles)
- GL202 (Acid green with white sparkles)
-WH301 (white with white sparkles)
-KH201 (looks wine in the pan but applies as a dark slightly metallic brown)
- Unknown number (dark slate grey)

Large- No. 10 (grey/ midnight)
-GL02( warm shimmer gold with some white sparkles)
-BE01 (Shimmer bronze with no sparkles)
-08 (Dark shimmer bronze and light shimmer pink)

The main difference between the small shades and the larger, is the fact the small ones contain sparkle. The only larger shade I bought with sparkle, the gold, has barely any.
And I realize I bought two nearly identical colors, but bronze is the color I wear most. So it only makes sense!
The shadows are smooth and silky. They apply beautifully. They are a tiny bit powdery. Though this varies by color. The two liner colors are of a different composition and apply almost like a cream. They are not at all powdery.
The most sparkly are also the most powdery, the small green, bronze and white.
The shadows in general have very good color pay off. The bronze and white being the least. As for lasting power, they are pretty average. The last the whole day for me, fading somewhat but still looking lovely.

Though I really like my new shades, and the palettes to put them in, they aren’t special enough to pay full price for. If they ever go on sale again, I will definitely pick up more shades.

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