Sunday, January 17, 2010

Etude house Lemon sugar moisturizer

Etude house Lemon sugar moisturizer
Price: $3.50 (3500won)
After scenting the Lemon sugar perfume by Fresh (Available usually at Sephora), I fell in love with a lemony scent. Anything with title lemon sugar is pretty much an instant buy. I bought the lemon sugar moisturizer and body cream from avon (which was the most disgusting nauseatingly intense perfumed body lotion ever).
When I saw the Etude house body moisturizer I scooped it up. The scent is more lemony than sweet. But not so intensely lemon that it smells like cleaner. Honestly, it’s ok. Nothing more nothing less.
The moisturizer itself…. It’s abysmal.
For some reason Korean moisturizers are generally terrible! I don’t get it. You rub them in, they are wet, moist and nice, they sink into the skin nicely. But as soon as they dry, they give the skin a weird dry texture.
It’s like talcum powder… Your skin is smooth, but with a dry powdery sort of feeling (not actually powdery though….)
I hate it. It makes my hands feel too dry, and I have to put more and more on. I never feel better moisturized.
So I hate this moisturizer. I never use it. It bothers me. I’ve tossed it in a closet, and will forget about it…


  1. Thanks a lot for the review! It`s a non-buying product.

  2. thanks for the review, i was thinking about getting it but googled it first to see what others thought. no wonder it was so cheap too.