Friday, January 8, 2010

missha glam look gloss

Missha the style - Glam look gloss
Price: On sale 3500 won ($3.50), Usually 8000won ($8)
Color: Wn01

The Style is a super elite looking line by makeup brand Missha.

As you can see by the packaging, and the lipgloss itself it looks way more expensive that it actually is.

It comes in a plastic tube with shiny cap.
The applicator is the usual Korean angled doe foot applicator ( I really like the angled version better than the old straight type.)
It's a dark rose with gold sparkles. When on the sparkle is very subtle. Subtle enough to be work acceptable. The glitter is also very finely milled, there is no  sense of it on the lips (no rough or grainy bits)
The gloss is nicely pigmented, but not so much that it doesn’t apply evenly. This means you can apply it reasonably safely without a mirror. Although the cap is actually shiny enough to use as a little mirror :) .
The gloss is also beautifully smooth.  It’s  shiny, but not high gloss, and the sticky factor is minimal.

The gloss is scented, with a candy grape scent. It’s not overpowering, and dissipates once you’ve closed the tube.
I love this gloss. It looks beautiful, it lasts pretty nice for a gloss, and the tube itself looks super elite.
I am definitely going to buy other colors, but best of all I got it on sale!!!! :D

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