Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Beauty Credit - Lovely Q10 Makeup base ma

Beauty Credit - Lovely Q10 Makeup base mat- SPF 18
Price: 8000won ($8)
Color: 02 Lavender
Size: 40ml
For I, like many of you out there, base make up or primers are not a daily step in our makeup routines.
When I first came to Korea though, I was intrigued by the different colors available in bases.
Intrigued enough to buy a green one by Etude House. Since that particular base did great things to any aberrant redness caused by winter (ie. A red nose), I’ve been dying to try the other available color, purple.

But Etude house doesn’t have a purple base in the same line as the on I purchased, only in a different line, which is contained in glass bottles without pumps.
Unless the product inside is a runny liquid, glass bottles are stupid!
Hello, slow Ketchup anyone?

The beauty credit base, next to my etude house base. See how much prettier the beauty credit one is!
The packaging is so much nicer than the Etude house Baby skin base (Pink, green and ugly!), the Beauty credit bottle is silver and purple, very class and tasteful.
And it has the added benefit of having an SPF of 18! Something the Baby skin Base doesn’t boast.
The product itself is surprisingly thick, but spreads evenly. It does clump in the pores a little bit. If you have really prominent pores I wouldn’t recommend it.
As it is for me, I put BB cream over the base, so my pores look smooth and even.

But to be honest, the product doesn’t behave like a Primer at all. It definitely doesn’t have the smoothing effect like silicone primers (for example the primer by smash box).
But this is something I’ve noticed in Korea Primers/bases.
I never use primers for their smoothing effects anyway, so it doesn’t ruin the product for me.
The only reason to use the primer is the color.
The color is super pale.
When you rub it in, the purple fades, and the primer is almost white.

On me, it looks amazing. I have super pale skin, and this gives it an uber pale glow.
It looks ethereal.
That said, for anyone darker, it might look like clown makeup. This was not the case with the green base by etude house. I’m not sure if it’s the brand or the color.

Conclusion: I will Definitely re-purchase. I can’t recommend it though, because it is suitable for very few skin colors.


  1. nice! I think that I would be too dark for this primer considering it already looks too light for your skin (as seen on arm)

  2. perhaps it's a good color to be used under eye to fade dark areas :)

  3. Oh my goodness, i want it just for the gorgeous rocking-horse bottle!

  4. notty - Thats a great idea, except the purple kind of intensifies the shadows :(

    Lillian - the bottle is super pretty :)