Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Vov Daily Fresh -Seaweed Collagen

Vov Daily Fresh -Seaweed Collagen
Sweet mask making the tired skin relaxed. Natural seaweed ingredients containing vitality of the blue sea make the tired and rough skin soothed and relaxed, and create smooth moisturized skin.

The variations between the VOV daily fresh masks are small. Some are better, so are a bit irritating, and some smell.
The seaweed collagen wasn’t overly remarkable.
It didn’t smell strongly, either good or bad, possibly, vaguely like aloe. It didn’t burn or irritate the skin, and it didn’t moisturize any more than any other sheet mask.
With that said, this is one I will buy again.
Why? It’s neutral, and non-irritating. I checked the ingredients, and it actually contains aloe.
And after one use, my skin was a little bit brighter.


  1. I just used this last night...not sure if I would buy it again. There are so many other masks out there that I like better.

  2. Sorry, but collagen is an animal protein, therefore seaweed collagen is a myth...

  3. ... Seaweed collagen is just the Title. It is supposed to have both Seaweed and Collagen extracts, which certainly is possible. Not vegan, but possible.
    and I'm not claiming that either is any more than just a gimmick in a title. Well except some types of seaweed actually are excellent for the skin.