Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Daily Fresh- Coenzyme Q10 original

Daily Fresh- Coenzyme Q10 original

Price 2000 won (less than $2 US)
-for all skin types

Essence mask pack for your best skin condition. Coenzyme Q10 for elastic skin and botanical collagen for vital skin provide a nutrition and moisture for your skin.
The Q10 mask is one of my favorite Daily fresh sheet masks. First it smells amazing, kinda like vanilla. The scent isn’t powerful or overwhelming.
The mask itself was not at all irritation on my skin. Which is wonderful because I sometimes find products with Q10 to be irritating.
The mask also did a good job of moisturizing my skin. Certainly one of the better ones.
In the morning my skin was fresh and plump.
I really think this would be a good one for dry or older skin. It seems to add the youthful plumpness that’s needed.

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