Sunday, January 10, 2010

Missha -Easy styling make up kit in retro scarlet

Missha -Easy styling make up kit in retro scarlet 
Price :15000won($14.99) on sale 8000($8)
I hate pre-assembled make-up kits with cream/gloss and powder products.
The only way an eye and lip palette works is if the products are all creamy, with no powders.
And to make things worse, now there are eyeshadow palettes with creams and powders!!!
It doesn’t work! The powder crumbles, or creates dust, even if you are super careful!!!!
So why in the Hell did I buy a kit containing lipstick and powder eyeshadow?????
Well….. My Korean is not very good.
In the Missha store this is this whole little counter with single eyshadows in disposable packaging. They are meant to be inserted into an empty palette.
Right next to they eyeshadows, there are the empty palettes, two types, a big one and a small one.
And oddly, right mixed in was the Makeup kit….
There is nothing else on the counter but these eyeshadows and empty palettes.
Quite honestly I had no idea.
So I got home, and was perplexed. This is the sort of thing I would never buy, in colors they I am not inclined to use… But considering I was expecting it to be an empty palette, I can’t complain too much.

The easy styling makeup kit contains two lipsticks, one in red and one in orange.

There is a cream eyes shadow in a sparkly mauve, and two powders in a light purple hued blue and a dark purple.
To me it seems like a weird combination.
The red lipstick is a nice retro color. But the bright bright orange? And to put the two together?
Then the pale blue eyeshadow along with the mauve cream?
I mean I get some of the colors together.
But wouldn’t a black cream liner have been a better choice? Or something that goes with orange???
I mean picture the blue eyeshadow with the orange lips….

Also included in the kit are two brushes. A dual eyeshadow/cream eyeshadow applicator and a lip brush.
The lip brush is a good addition because the lip colors are lipstick, not lip gloss, not even lip creams.

With a gloss you can get away with applying it with your fingers (although that’s another reason I hate combo kits). If you attempted to apply these lip colors with your fingers you would make a serious mess.
With all that said the composition of the lipsticks is really nice. They are quite dry, and very matt.
This works for the retro look in my opinion. The red color is actually an excellent red. The tone is a bit cool, although neutral enough that my warmer tones can wear it attractively.
The orange possibly might have been included to warm up the red…. Maybe? When mixed though the red is pretty fluorescent.

Because the lipsticks are so matt the wear time is amazing. They lasted through eating and being out for a few hours, without reapplying.
The cream eyeshadow also fared very well in the wear-ability. It lasts for much much longer than cream shadows usually do.
It is also a very dry cream. It’s also quite translucent.
I find this odd, I assumed it would act like an eye liner.
But maybe it’s meant as an eyeshadow base.
The color in the pan is really pretty, but when applied it kind of looks like a sparkly bruise.
This is mostly due to the transparency. With a couple of layers the color does show true.
The powder shadows are silky smooth and really beautiful . When applied to the lids and shaded together they are really really beautiful.
They do not last as the rest of the make up in this kit.
So oddly you have to reapply the powder eyeshadow before the lipstick…
I think this is mostly because they are so silky and soft.

Conclusion: Though this kit is not something I meant to buy, and the colors are a bit odd, I liked the actual components so much I bought the kit as a gift , in a different set of colors!

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