Sunday, January 10, 2010

Skinfood brand introduction

Skin food Brand Introduction

Skin food is a Cosmetics and Makeup brand in Korea that is focused on ‘Food therapy’. All of their products have food names in the titles, and various fruit and plant extracts.

Honestly the idea doesn’t appeal to me. I want products that are going to give me beautiful youthful skin. What’s in it really doesn’t matter.

The packaging off all their products is simplistic, and designed to look like cardboard containers, and for a lot of it, to look like food containers. Some of the stuff is attractive…. But in general…. NO.
Or at least not to me.
I hate to say it, but packaging is kind of important to me. I want something that looks pretty and works well.
Sure I have lots of items that have utilitarian packaging. But if I’m trying something new I’m drawn to the beautiful.
So even though the brand Skinfood hasn’t appealed to me, I have picked up a couple of basic items to try.
Sheet masks, wash off masks, nail polish, etc.A few things that you can’t go wrong with.
But thrown in with those few cheap items were samples, oodles of samples.
And to my surprise, the samples are AMAZING!

The avocado toner and emulsion set is soft, gentle, and super moisturizing.
I found myself going back to it often. So I’ve gone out and bought a few more things.Then a few more, and a few more. Just about every item is Wonderful.
The skin care is some of the best I’ve used here in Korea. The Makeup…. It’s of good quality, but not very exciting. But oh the skin care .

I highly recommend this Brand! You can find it on G-market, and eBay easily. But It’s a pretty popular brand, and I’m sure there are other online places that carry it!


  1. I LOVE Skin Food! I was first introduced to their bb cream (aloe) and haven't tried anything else but I want to! Is that the avocado toner in the second last picture?

    xox Fee

  2. I don't have a pic of the avocado toner yet! lol. I'll try and post one soon.
    The Aloe BB is awesome!