Thursday, December 31, 2009

Vov pomegranate collage sheet mask

Vov Masks
Daily Fresh - Pomegranate collagen
Price 2000 won (less than $2 US)
-for all skin types
On the Package -
Yammy mask pack for vivid vitality
Pomegrnates estrogen helps to maintain young and vivid skin, and it helps collagen synthesis to provide a tension to your skin and smooth your tired skin.
Since I’ve already gone over the basics of the VOV Daily fresh sheet masks in a previous review, I’m going to jump right into the specifics.
The promises of the pomegrnate mask are a bit odd. I mean Yammy?  *alughs* I’m sure it’s supposed to be yummy but still.
And the estrogen part… a bit weird.
Anyway, my review is unbiased by expectations, because other that the pack’s name, I didn’t read any of the promises on the back.
So I put on the mask, and all went as normal. 15 minutes into the 20 minute session my skin started to tingly slightly. A good sign I think, as though something actually was happening.
When I took it off, there was some excess product left on my face, but the mask was much drier than initially, and it did appear that my skin had absorbed quite a bit.
Once the excess was patted in. My skin was… moist, but nothing exceptionally.
Apperance wise, the same thing. Nothing was tighter or smother or more beautiful in any way.
The next day I didn’t wake up with better moisturized skin.
But, my skin was actually firmer, and my complexion a lightle bit clearer… Not as in blemishs disappeared, but my skin looked…. More even almost.
Today was a really good skin day.
And since I’ve been doing a lot of flying over the holidays, that’s a really really good thing. Travelling usually leaves me tired and sallow for weeks after.
Conclusion,  I really like this one.

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