Wednesday, December 23, 2009

vov face mask

Vov Masks
Daily Fresh - Blackbean Isoflavon
Price 2000 won (less than $2 US)
-for all skin types
On the back - Black bean’s isoflavon, which is a key ingredient for anti-oxidation, provides a vitality and nutrition to your skin , and helps to provide an elastic and healthy skin to you.
The blackbean isoflavon mask is supposed to be moisturizing and purifying. Its meant for already healthy skin, I think more for maintenance than treatment of a particular problem.
The mask itself is of good sturdy cloth, not super thin and easily tear-able like some.
The size is perfect for my face, it reaches from my forehead to my chin, and from ear to ear without any extra.
However, I don’t have a wide or large face, so for some it might be a bit on the small size. However that’s generally true with all Korean masks.
The package contains a lot of extra product, enough to scoop out and apply on the neck and above the chest.
The essence is clear, and almost gel like. It’s light, without a strong smell.
It has a slightly cool feeling when applied to the skin, even when warm.
The essence is super gentle, feels almost like aloe. It absorbs moderately well, and after twenty minutes the mask is still damp, there is extra left over (Not that you can use a face mask twice).
With this mask there were no noticeable effects. It was super gentle, and I do think it would be a good one for sensitive skin.
The next day my face was moist, but not significantly so. 

Honestly, after one use, this mask doesn’t really go either way. But since I like the daily fresh style, and it’s non-irritating, it’s worth getting, and for me getting again, to see if continued use will get real results.

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