Monday, December 7, 2009

Tony Moly - slimming  peeling gel w/ oxygen

On the bottle : the oxygen transfer element enables to facilitate the supply of oxygen to the inside of the skin to make your skin healthy, and help to manage your skin clear by removing the horny substance. The ingredient of caffeine will help to make your skin contour look more beautiful
Apparently the whole ‘oxygen’ (in or producing) in skin care is just a gimmick.  I’m not surprised, but here is an article by Paula Begone if you’re wondering 
And I admit, before I ever went into Tony Moly I knew that ‘oxygen’ as an item on a skin care product is BS.
So why the Hell did I buy an Oxygen Peel?
Well the pushy sales girl used it on my hand, and since she was super nice I felt obligated to buy….
Yeah…   I’m usually good at ignoring that impulse. I know it’s a sales trick.  
But I was still super Jet lagged.
Plus I was actually looking for a peeling product. (excuses excuses…)
Honestly, I adored my Pineapple peel from back home (Bromelain an enzyme in pineapple is an awesome and quite gentle exfoliator).
When it was tested on my hand, it cleared off tons of dead skin, and one hand was lighter than the other.

The Oxygen Peel comes in a clear bottle with pump top. Excellent for nearly every skin care product. 
Inside is a bright blue gel with no discernable scent.
One applies the product to Dry skin, and rubs it around in circles. It than clumps up and turns grey.
Even if there is no dead skin, and no dirt on your face, the product will still lump into little balls. That’s how its designed. So don’t be fooled into thinking tons of dead skin is coming off. 

There is no noticeable ‘oxygenation’ like bubbling or fizzing. That’s fine by me, those are usually gimmicks anyways.

It does claim to be ‘slimming’.  That’s the caffeine.
But what this really means, is this is supposed to be for cellulite.
It’s not actually a facial product.
And in fact, it’s not good for the face. It feels light and gentle, but it leaves a bit of residue.
I did try it on my face; there was no bad reaction…. But it didn’t do anything good for it.
A peel usually makes my skin softer, and brighter.
This didn’t.
As for it’s intended effect on cellulite. Well…. It didn’t really make one.
I have very little cellulite, so little it doesn’t bother me, and no one else can see it. So maybe on someone with more pronounced cellulite it might be effect. Caffeine is one of the better products to temporarily reduce it.
So in the end I only ever use it on my arms and hands. I have dry skin, and until I get a better scrub, I will use this as a mild exfolator.

Stars  1/5
Re purchase  -  definitely No

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