Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Kate - gel eye liner
Price : 14.95 at alphabeautystore
Size: 2.5g

Not so long ago there were generally only two options for eyeliner, pencil of liquid. For the longest time I used a soft black pencil, creating a smudged eye look rather than a line. I used to like how it looked, but a nice clean line looks so much more posh and professional.
But liquid liners are f*ing hard to use. I now, am more than capable of using one to create a nice even line.
Unless I’m in a hurry, or distracted, or my hand accidentally slips.
At least with a pencil, there is never that much mess…
I’ve been using Kate’s Gel liner for about 2 years now. I’m on my fourth order.
This stuff is wonderful.
Like all gel liners, it creates a finish somewhere between that of a pencil and liquid.  But with total control, and greater flexibility.

The liner is a good dark black. It applies smoothly. The little included brush is of good quality, and applies the liner in a narrow, even line.
And if you screw up, it is pretty easy to fix.
Kate’s liners in particular stay on all day, no flaking, and once dry, eye rubbing/ light crying doesn’t affect it.
I have tried a few other gel liners , but keep going back to kate. It’s lasting power is the best. 
The only issue I have is it dries out pretty quickly. It’s usually unpleasantly dry before I even finish the pot, and I wear the stuff just about every day.
Since I think the dryness of the liner is part of what gives it such good staying power (oilier/ wetter liners almost always smear/fade easily), I’m ok with it.
The price is not super cheap, but its not expensive either. And it’s comparable to far more expensive brands.
It’s my absolute favorite, so if you can find it, buy it!

Silver and Gold

This review is totally different than the Black liner.
I hate these liners. Since I’ve had such success with the black liner, I thought, yay more colors.
The liners are flaky. Like little chunks of gold or silver leaf. It’s weird, and they are big flakes. It applies flaky. So you have to sort of pat…. Like applying gold leaf if you’ve ever tried it.

The effect once on is very silver, and very gold and they do last nearly as long as the black.
But I tend to end up with flakes in my eye! 
This sucks!
Don’t buy them!!!


  1. hmm this is interesting, I've always wanted to try a gel liner. Do you prefer that to liquid?

  2. Definately. Liquids create a super smooth line, but are really messy, especially if you are in a hurry.
    Creams are so much easier, and with a good brush you can get the exact same effect as a liquid!