Sunday, December 20, 2009

Etude house O2 White mask 
with O2 carrier complex.
Price 8000 won (about $7.50US)
I love Etude house, I love a good mask, and I love whitening products.
Other than the fact Oxygen additives do nothing for your skin. Oxygen is just another bull shit marketing ploy (read my review of Tony moly slimming oxygen peel here, where I give more details about the BS.)
I bought this mask because it’s exactly the sort of thing that usually works for my skin.
Plus, when I first arrived in Korea, my skin was… dull, lifeless, and almost sallow.
Finally I’ve adjusted to the change, but for a while I was looking for something, anything, to bring the life back to my skin.
The O2 white mask was not the answer.
The tub contains the thickest white paste. If you tip the tub upside down, nothing comes out (Are you thinking Dairy queen blizzard too?)
For a mask, this is odd, but not necessarily a bad thing.
Except, when you apply it, it is actually to thick to apply evenly.
So you end up with super thick areas, and then really thin spots…
Then the tingling starts, almost a bubbling sensation, not really bubbling, but kind of…. 
(Yes that was succinct.)
But then sadly, it starts to burn.
It’s not horrible, or particularly intense, but it is most definitely burning.
My skin turns red, and I really want to take it off.

I’ve tried the mask a couple of times. Which after my first experience, might seem surprising, but I know my skin. After a shower, or a good scrub, it’s extra sensitive, so unless a product is actually really painful, I will give it a second shot.
The O2 mask burns every time.
On the plus side, the areas where clumps of the mask rested, actually become whiter after one use.
It works, but I can’t recommend it.

Rating - 2 out of 5 stars
Buy again? - Definitely not!


  1. wow, I have been eyeing this for a while
    I'm glad you've done this review, I've extra sensitive skin and probably would've hated it!

  2. Aww, sorry it didn't work for you, it sounded so promising :(