Thursday, December 3, 2009

 Tony Moly Caviar Skin Care

I got samples of just about a complete skin care regime.
Toner, serum, eye cream and moisturizer.
So I thought I'd give some initial thoughts...

The packaging both in the mini’s and the full size products is less than inspiring. 
That’s ok though, as much as I love beautiful things, It’s more important to me that my skin care works.
Toner - Thick almost gel like. A slightly unpleasant smell, chemical and old lady-ish, but not overwhelming.  No toned feeling.
Essence/ Serum- thick, really thick and white. Doesn’t absorb well, doesn’t make the skin feel softer, same smell. My skin actually started to burn and itch just slightly after using this.
Eye cream, thick, absorbs better. But very thick. 10 minutes late I can still feel it on
Moisturizer - same unpleasant smell, which, with all four products on I can still smell. It’s not thick, but I can still feel it on my skin. I actually applied a lot less than I do with other products, but my skin feels almost greasy.

Basically, The samples were big enough I got nearly 3 days use out of the whole line, and more from the toner and serum. But... They suck. I am definitely NOT going to buy the line, or anything from it...

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  1. what about the bb cream?
    the skincare line sounds dissapointing tho