Friday, December 4, 2009

Tony Moly Man cream 
Price: 13500won ($13.50)

This is a review of something you won’t see often here, or a Men’s moisturizer. Me not being a guy, and not particularly like ‘guy’ scents, Men focused products don’t interest me.
But my boyfriend was with me at Tony Moly, and I’ve been trying to convince him to do basic skin care. Ie. Wash with a cleanser, moisturizer and use sunscreen.
He’s not a Metrosexual sort of guy in the least. So it’s a bit of a stretch.
But who wants to look old before there time? 
I’m not pushing though (trying to change people is self delusional), just showing him options.
And here in Korea there are tons of men skin care lines. So for a guy, it’s not as scary as it might be at home.

We picked up the Tony Moly moisturizer. They have a few different lines. But this was one of the higher priced ones.
I personally think he picked it because the bottle is nice.
It’s heavy glass. So if you were going to order it for a male friend, I would not recommend it!
There is no included dispenser. This drives me nuts, since its very difficult to get creams out of glass bottles!
The first thing I noticed about the product was the scent. It’s strong.
In fact my boyfriend said it was way too strong the first time he actually applied it all over his face.
But, since it’s been open for a bit now, the smell has really diminished, and its now much subtler. 

The texture is very light. It absorbs really quickly, and it does moisturize well.

Stars  3/5
Re purchase  -  No. There are cheaper alternatives in more convenient bottles,  and the moisturizer isn’t amazing enough to compensate.

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