Sunday, February 13, 2011

Etude House – Juicy Pop Tube

Etude House – Juicy Pop Tube
Price: 2,500won ($2.50)
One of the very first things I bought when I got to Korea was a Juicy pop tube. How I love it, a lemon sweet taste, a beautiful color, a cheap price….. (check out my old review!)
And Etude house has redone their Juicy pop tubes. The packaging is different, the texture and taste of the glosses are different, and the colors are different.

I picked up an interesting color,  color #2, pale lavender.
It doesn’t taste the same as the old style. More like candy and less like lemon. The scent is also gone…. This is a big disappointment for me, since I LOVED the old version, but honestly both the taste and the scent of the new one are fine.
The color, though it looks odd in the tube, applies clear, with a bit of a cool tint. Really it is lovely. I know in the pictures it looks pink, but that’s just me. The gloss has a thick but not sticky texture, it’s very wearable.  It really is very smooth and slick, but not greasy.  The color in the tube looks as though it would be pigmented, or might streak on the lips. It doesn't! It's surprisingly subtle.
Honestly, I think I really like it. Or I would, if it weren’t for my disappointment about the old style….


  1. Both are amazing shades! I love to carry this size of a glossy tube always in my purse :)

    Nice blog! Have fun this V'day!

  2. This looks gorgeous on your lips. I also love Etude House products. :) Happy valentines! ;)

  3. it looks very petite, affordable && cute =D

    a lemoney flavored lip gloss would have been interesting...