Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Anessa (Shiseido) – Mild face sunscreen

Anessa (Shiseido) – Mild face sunscreen
SPF 46 PA+++
Price (for full size) 48,000won ($48)
I am madly in love with Anessa sunscreens! They are amazing, and amazingly expensive!
I received a deluxe sample of Anessa mild face sunscreen along with a full size of Anessa Ex.
Surprisingly the Anessa MFS is totally different from the EX or Pearly!!! It’s a runny cream, with a light texture, but it feels nothing like the other Anessa sunscreens! In fact it feels like a regular, chemical sunscreen. So this particular one lacks the qualities that I LOVE in the other Anessa sunscreens.
But on its own, it is lovely. It’s super light, and absorbs into the skin beautifully. It basically just disappears. It does leave my skin soft, but not nearly as soft as the EX.
It doesn’t leave a white cast, and feels very very light, invisible in fact. It also completely lacks a greasy after feeling. Nor does it clog my pores.

It is a really lovely sunscreen, but…. I don’t feel it is worth the price. Most sunscreens are under $20. Even nice expensive ones don’t usually get up to $50, especially considering it only contains only 60ml (for the full size!)
I feel the EX and Pearly are worth it, because they are unlike any other sunscreen I have ever encountered. They are basically in a class of their own. The Mild face sunscreen is lovely, but it’s just an expensive variation on a common theme.

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