Monday, February 7, 2011

Most Loathed products of 2010

Most Loathed products of 2010
Living in Korea, buying things can be hit and miss. I don’t speak enough Korean to read all of what’s on a label, or to ask many questions about an item. So often I buy things that really don’t work out.  But honestly, I have been far more successful buying skin care and makeup here, in Korea, than I ever was back home.
Honestly, I find Korean Makeup and skin care to be of better quality, more inventfull, and just generally more awesome.  But there were a number of products that didn’t just suck, items that I truly hated.

 Nature republic – Eau de Shine
 What in the world this is? I don’t know. I thought when I bought it, it was a blush. It just looked so pretty.
The four colors are bright, vibrant and interesting!
It’s not a blush. It’s not pigmented enough. It turns almost white on the skin. 

Which made me think it might be a finishing powder. But if it is, it sucks. 2 of the colors are sparkly, very sparkly. So it’s far too sparkly to be a finishing powder, plus it does have some pigment, and looks odd.
Worst of all, the price I paid 16,900 won (almost $17!!!!!!). *SIGH* it was such a depressing waste. Plus, they have now repackaged the same product in a new box. Don’t be fooled! It still sucks!!!!!!!

The second worst nail polish ever!
The face shop - Triple finish 
This nail polish looks gorgeous in the bottle, chunky shimmery flakes at the bottom, a layer of pink, then a layer of clear.
I wasn’t precisely sure what it was. It came in a box, that proclaimed at the top Triple finish.

So I suspected it was a top coat.
I brought it home,  shook it up, and tested it out. It went on very clear, with a hint of shimmering flakes. So I was certain it was indeed a topcoat, there wasn’t enough pigment to be a polish.
I did 3 coats, I really liked the shimmer, and I wanted it to show.
I went to bed, my nails looked lovely in the morning, shimmery with a touch of pink. Then I went off to work the next morning.

It wasn’t until lunch time I noticed something, my finger nails looked funny. All dark and grey.
I went to the bathroom and washed my hands.
It wouldn’t come off. The dirt and grime of working with kindergarten kids had attached to the nail polish. Turning my nails grungy and grey (they looked like lint).
They looked SO Dirty! It was gross. And, worse, it wouldn’t come off!!!!!!!!
The nail polish is so weird. It isn’t smooth or slick at all, so all the dirt attaches to it, then won’t come off.
I removed all the nail polish immediately when I got home.

Skinfood – Carrot Cleansing oil
This is the first product from skinfood I have ever truly disliked.
It’s a cleansing oil, as you might have guessed by its name. It even does an excellent job at cleansing, removing make-up cleanly and thoroughly.
But, it’s terrible none the less. I made the mistake of using it to remove my mascara. I find oil makeup removers usually do a much more thorough job of removing makeup than anything else, and are my preference for removing Majorica Majolica. But the carrot cleansing oil stings, and makes my eyes red for days. Ugh it’s horrible.
But, I admit, my eyes can be sensitive to make up removers. So I continued to use the carrot cleansing oil on my face, just not around the eyes. For the eyes I use the WONDERFUL eggplant eye makeup remover by skinfood. But after a few days, I noticed my skin breaking out! It never does that!
It was the stupid cleansing oil.
And a co-worker, whom I dragged to skinfood because it is so amazing, and we bought the carrot oil together, found the same thing!!!!

The worst Nail Polish EVER!!!!!!!
Let me tell you a harrowing story. One day, excited to try out my new The Face shop polish, I failed to base coat my nails. I have ever so many polishes from the faceshop, and they have always been gentle on my nails, so that day, because I was in a hurry, I failed to base.
I covered them with a thick coat of Matte yellow. So mustardy, so modern. I was thrilled.
The finish was ok, a bit rough, and uneven, but the color was something. Wow.
I went to work, and went about teaching children English. It was lovely, until I noticed my nails chipping. Not a big deal I thought, until I looked closer. And my nails looked yellow, even where the polished had chipped off.
At the end of the day, I rushed home, cleaned off my nails, only to discover, they were bright mustard yellow. I tried everything. The color would not go away.
For months I cleaned and buffed. But in the end, I had to wait, 5 months, 5 long embarrassing months, for the color to finally grow out.

So that marks the end of my most hated items of the year.  There were many more I disliked, or wasted money on, or were just bad. But for some reason, these were the ones that bothered me the most.
I have posted full reviews of all of them.

 And I would Love to hear about your most loathed items!!!


  1. You really hate Nature Republic's Eau de Shine. x( I am staying away from the products here and am making a mental note at each one.

  2. oh mine! the yellow np story was terrible, 5 months!! :( i'm sorry you had to go through that, but kinda glad to hear from you now so I can avoid it in the future haha. I had no idea TFS had matte np too! That's how long i haven't visited one haha.

  3. OMG ... the yellow nails for 5 MONTHS =0

  4. Haha, I suspected that the Natural Republic powder would end up there, but that nail polish story was terrifying!

    I wish you good makeup luck! :D

  5. ughhhhhhhh that sucks! >< Such a light color shouldn't really stain your nails like that!

  6. *laughs* On the bright side of all this, disasters make for the best stories :)