Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Face Shop -Face it – Nail Quick dryer

The Face Shop -Face it – Nail Quick dryer
Price 7000won ($7)
I know a lot of you out there are fans of the Face shop.  But for me, it’s a brand that has been a bit hit and miss. 2 of my MOST HATED products of last year, were from the face shop. One was a nail polish that stained my nails SO bad, I had to wait until the stain grew out! It was HORRIBLE!!! But on the other hand, 2 of my favorite polishes, 1 of my favorite eye shadows and a few other lovely products have come from there….. It’s totally hit or miss.
The Nail Quick dryer is unlike anything I have ever seen before. I know back in North America there are Aersol quick dryers for nail polish. But honestly, I’ve never used them.
So the Nail Quick dryer is kind of the same idea, it’s a spray, which helps set your nail polish faster.  The difference is, it’s not an Aerosol! Which is good for so many reason. Mostly Aerosols are bad for the environment, but more specifically for my situation, you can’t travel with them…..

The spray itself is easy to use, just a quick squirt on wet nails. It has almost no smell (or at least after the smell of nail polish I can’t smell it!).
As for how well it works…. It’s probably not going to blow your mind….
It does work. Really. But if you spray it on wet polish, it seems to do nothing. It doesn’t instantly make it go hard (tee hee).
What it does, is make the nail polish less… soft.  I HATE it when I’ve spent ages getting my nails perfect, waiting quietly for them to dry, think they are dry, then doing something, only to have the nail polish bunch up. You know, when it’s set on top, but all the layers haven’t quite set yet.
I found I was having this problem often. Not because I didn’t wait long enough in between layers, but the heavy top coat I was using seemed to melt anything already dry. (so I could put the top coat on day old nail polish, and it still will smear….)
So the Nail Quick dryer helps all they layers dry more solidly.
Since I am obsessed with the Konad system, and I now put so many more coats of nail polish on then I used to, the Nail Quick dryer is awesome.
It still takes me just as long to do my nails, but once they are done, they don’t get messed up!
So even though the quick dryer is like $7, it is worth it to help protect works of art. Plus it seems to last FOREVER! :D


  1. interesting!! I need to grab this when I go to TFS next time!

  2. i'll probably pass on this product
    but i did enjoy the little joke you threw in =D lol

  3. Hey. :)
    I'm from Malaysia, but working in NZ as an early childhood teacher. I was actually reading through your blog (!!! Coincidence!!) for your reviews on the korean beauty products... Hahah... Have a good day!

  4. I have never heard of that brand...

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  5. If anyone picks it up, let me know what you think :D