Saturday, February 5, 2011

Nature republic - Eau de Shine - Prism blossom Powder

Nature republic - Eau de Shine - Prism blossom Powder
Price 16,900 won ($17)
Size : 20g
Ah Nature Republic, how I hate thee.
It was payday, and I was on my way home. Heading the long way to pick up something from the Bakery for breakfast, when the shiny newness of the local Nature republic pulled me into it's depth. A dire mistake.
Usually I don't blow money on things that I honestly have no use for. Generally I try to be sensible, and not wooed by pretty packaging.
I try at least.
But on this day, my will power was weak. It might have been the long day of work, the fact I hadn't eaten since noon, or the flush of money my once a month pay day instills. Whatever it was, I spent $14.50 on this piece of junk.

It's a plastic container, albeit shiny and sleek, containing four seperate loose powders, in pale peach, purple, pink, and a brighter more intense pink.
I brought it home, only to discover that as lovely as the loose powders look to be in the package, they are woefully un-pigmented. I swatched tehm on my arm, in the picture they look pale, but I put like 5 coats on, to get them to show that much color. It doesn't work as a blush at all. 

They are far more like a finishing powder than a blush. Not even shimmery, so unusable as a highlighter.
I've considered it might be a finishing powder, even though the box says blush. And so I've attempted using it as such, with limited results. It can be used as a finishing powder. It does work.... It's certainly pale enough. But it's not a very good finishing powder, and the peach colored section contains sparkles. I personally don't like sparkly finishing powders.
This stupid container was a complete and utter waste of money.


  1. Awww... :( That's sad, really. The packaging is really nice though. I would have bought it if I saw it too. :/

  2. Too bad that it doesn't work out for you . It looks really pretty. It reminds me a lot of the very expensive, limited edition Maquillage 5th Anniversary Powder Celebration, except Maquillage had more powder colors in it.


  3. Damn pretty packaging! *lol*

    I really want the Maquillage powder set. I bet theirs in much nicer. Of course Japanese brands are amazing :D