Friday, February 11, 2011

Anessa (Shiseido) – Perfect UV sunscreen EX

Anessa (Shiseido) – Perfect UV sunscreen EX
SPF 50 PA+++
Price 52,000 won ($52)
Size : 60ml
This is the sunscreen I mentioned on my Favorite skincare of 2010. But honestly, this is my favorite sunscreen EVER!!!
I reviewed another Anessa sunscreen – perfect pearly (Which I had bought while living in Japan). EX is similar, it’s just not pearly. I bought it at Olive Young, it’s basically like a Watson’s/Boots/Shoppers, except without the Pharmacy. I’ve only ever seen the stores in Korea, and they sell mostly Japanese (and some foreign items).

It’s my go to place for Japanese things, when I am in Korea (which my boyfriend finds hilarious).
But Olive Young is SO EXPENSIVE! But Anessa was expensive even when I bought it in Japan. *sigh*
Seriously though, if you can afford it, or you have sensitive skin, this sunscreen is worth it.
It is so gentle and lovely. I am certain it’s more like zinc oxide, and physically blocks UV. Rather than the chemical sunscreens you can usually get at the drugstore. I certain that’s why it is so awesome.

Like Anessa's pearly sunscreen, EX comes in a bottle with a small squirt top. There is a bead inside, to mix things up when you shake the bottle. I always shake it before using, but even my old Anessa pearly has never clumped of separated, and it's 3 years old now... (I had a little left and I forgot about it!)

My skin is really sensitive to sunscreen, and sunlight.  Sometimes sunscreen makes me break out in a rash (*euck* I know.) but not Anessa.
 It doesn’t leave a white cast, or clog my pores, or make me sweat(some sunscreens do, it’s really weird).

As you can see from the picture, it is very runny. It's a liquid, not a cream like most sunscreens. It is also super light.
When it dries, it doesn't leave a greasy layer on the skin, like I sometimes find with other products. Instead it dries almost matte. It's odd, because a lot of things that make the skin feel matte are really drying. This isn't. 

It makes the skin feel smooth, and matte, but soft and not at all dry. It reminds me a little of that soft dry feeling of baby powder. But it's not dry or powder.....
The matte finish makes it amazing as a makeup base! It actually helps my makeup last in the hot Korean summer ;D

Best of all makes my skin feel SO soft. Like my skin is brand new. It feels better than after a good exfoliation. It's sooo smooth I find my self stroking my own cheek (*creepy*)
It’s basically magical.

Wonderfully it came in a package with a few freebies! Korean brands are amazing about giving samples, but Japanese brands are hit or miss. If you buy expensive sets, or magazines, sure you get awesome freebies. But I rarely get anything with a single item.


  1. Oh, I fully agree with you - Anessa is FABULOUS but it also is expensive!!!

  2. ohhhh if i ever come across this i want to try~
    && i love freebies =] lol

  3. This sounds like a really great sunscreen. I'll put that on my Japan wish list.

    Thanks for the great review!