Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Face shop - Prorance – eye shadow

The Face Shop - Prorance – eye shadow
Price : Forgotten... But it was between $4 and 6
So this little white eye shadow is a bit of an aberration. The face shop has lots of different eye shadows, in lots of different packaging. But his white eye shadow was the only one in the whole series. I noticed it not long after it came out, sitting next to all the other types of eye shadows, in very different packaging. Every other line of eye shadow at the faceshop has Numerous colors.  They even have a sample board, with one of every color de-potted on it, for testing (rather than having the single pots you open yourself). This wasn’t part of any of the color lines, any of the eye shadow lines, it wasn’t on the sample board.
Sure there was lots of the white shadow, but no other colors.
I just found it really odd.
So, I had to buy it. Without testing it! Something I almost never do!

And it is exactly as it appears, a white eyeshadow. With a pressed diamond imprint (which is different from the pressed pattern on all the other shadows!)
But truly, the white shadow is unlike any I’ve encountered. It is VERY white. It is VERY opague. It is the perfect white shadow. I find white shadows are often soft, so when applied to the corner of the eyes, they blend in, or it takes coats and coats to get it to look really white.

This is the perfect white for in the corner of the eyes, or lining beneath the eye. It does have a bit of a pearly sheen to it, and some white sparkle, but since I never use it as an all over shadow, the sparkle is minimal, and the pearly sheen is lovely!


  1. Wow, that is a very pretty white eyeshadow.


  2. i wonder if the face shop here has this. this is such a pretty white eyeshadow. :3

  3. wow its so pigmented! i agree its nice to play up the eyes with it :)

  4. so pretty && sparkly~
    me likey lol