Monday, February 7, 2011

The Face shop Matte polish 매트

The Face shop Matte polish
Price : 4 or 5 something….
So last summer when Matte nails were just becoming fashionable in Korea, The face shop released a small line of Matte Nail polishes! It even says, right on the little label 매트  (matu). Tee hee!
I was ecstatic! I had so wanted to try Matte, but couldn’t find anything in Korea up until that point. Face shop only had four colors at the time, a green, a yellow, and two others(I can’t remember. Does anyone know?) I picked the yellow. It was just so lovely and mustardy.
I didn’t try it right away, I don’t have many clothing options that coordinate with mustard. But finally one night, I painted my nails and had to use it.
I was in a hurry for some reason, and I didn’t base my nails first. I usually do, but I had never had a problem with Korean Nail polishes.
The finish was… ok. It was very matte, and the color was nice, but the texture of the polish was too thick, and it turned out uneven. Plus, since Face shop didn’t release a Matte top coat, I couldn’t top coat it.
I went to work the next day, my nails chipped and flaked, but that’s understandable when you consider there was no top coat.
But then I noticed something odd, where the polish had chipped of, my nail still was colored. My nails looked yellow.
I went home and stripped off the nail polish. It came off easily, but beneath it, my nails were mustard yellow.
I tried EVERYTHING I could think of to remove the stain. Nothing worked. I scrubbed, and buffed and cleaned. Nothing.
So for the next 4, or 5 months I was stuck with yellow nails. OMG it was awful!
I love nail polish, but I was teaching kindergarten, and polish just isn’t practical. It chips after a hard morning with the munchkins. But the yellow was so noticeable! People commented.
I was ashamed.


  1. Yeap! I also get the same experience for Faceshop nail polish.

    I'm a big fan of nail polish and in Indonesia, Faceshop is very famous for its various colors of nail polish. I love to see how they display it! So i start to buy some of theirs but then, the disaster came! Everytime I use theirs... I always get yellow nails! I don't know why! Once I bought their neon shocking pink color and suddenly... like some months after that, the color is downgraded into something pastel...

    So, I considered Faceshop put some bad chemical on it since when I do my nails, my room always smell very bad! Right now, Faceshop polish is on my black list.

    By the way, I'm looking a color list of holika holika nail polish, could you help me with any link so i can search the nail color list?

  2. Does anyone know where I can buy Prorance eye shadow in Australia or online?!!!!! The shop I used to get it from shut down and I'm desperate!