Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Holika Holika Sugar Syrub Gloss

Holika Holika Sugar Syrub Gloss
Price : 4000won ($4)
Color : 06
If you read the title then I am sure you are thinking ‘Sugar Syrub??????’. Yes, I agree, it should be sugar syrup. But the tube says ‘Syrub’.
The Sugar syrub line is Holika’s cheap line of lip glosses. Every brand has them, and they range in price from $2.50 to less than $5.
So this gloss is at the higher end of the spectrum. I have loads of these cheap glosses. I love them :D. Plus I Always lose my lip-glosses, so there really is no point in investing in good ones.
I was attracted to this one because of the peculiar opaque color. It looks like lipstick in a tube.

So as you might guess, it’s kind of strange as a gloss. The texture is like a gloss, so when you apply it, color doesn’t end up evenly deposited. It tends to look…. Uneven.

 A thicker coat even things out. It’s really weird though. It has the texture of a gloss, smooth silky, but looks like gloss over lipstick.
It can look nice, it’s not nearly as opaque as it is in the tube, and if it is carefully applied, it has a pretty, muted effect. 

See the streaks?

The taste is also… odd. It tastes like candy, like those sticks that come with candy powder (Fun-dip), with an after taste of lipstick. It’s not bad, kind of tasty.
I know this was a really ambiguous review….. I am kind of ambiguous on the gloss.  But I am fairly certain all the problems with it are due to the color. The rest of the glosses in the series are clear, more normal. I am willing to bet they are lovely, and will eventually buy some to test my theory!


  1. the price is great && it looks pretty good...
    but like you i'm okay w/ most glosses so yah...

  2. It looks pretty in the pictures for sure.
    I do like things more matte though :P