Sunday, February 6, 2011

Skinfood Carrot Cleansing Oil

Skinfood Carrot Cleansing Oil
Price 13,900won ($13.90)
Size : 170ml
Have I mentioned how much I love skinfood? There is a store in Moogeodong, Ulsan that I often go to, and the ladies who work there are ever so nice. I was down there one day with a couple of my friends. They ‘dragged’ me to skin food, because it seems I’ve become the local expert.  I pointed out a number of my favorite items, the best things for them to try. So they bought stuff. I didn’t (shocking isn’t it!)
With their purchases they got this adorable little carton with the new (at the time) carrot toner and emulsion.
I’m sure my eyes widened with envy.
And the woman behind the counter handed me a sample set too :D
They are just so nice there!

So that was my introduction to the carrot line. I’ve gotten many samples of it since, and generally it’s quite nice. But I didn’t buy anything full size until the Carrot Cleansing oil.
I’ve been on a mission (a never ending mission), to find a really good eye makeup remover. I am addicted to a couple of very difficult to remove mascara, and I have sensitive eyes. So far I have found but one, Skinfood’s eggplant mascara remover. It’s is amazing, but the tube is SO tiny.
So I though a cleansing oil.  Perfect right? Plus since it’s about the same price as the eggplant mascara remover, but you get tons more, it would be a great value.
Except…. It’s super hard on the eyes! It’s so bad, it leaves my eyes red the next day!!! Plus it stings like the dickens (…. A weird way to put it, I know). Ugh.
But, I though, it’s not a total loss. I do like oil cleansers, just to get the makeup off, so my regular cleanser can go to work. So silly me, I kept using the Carrot cleansing oil.
Until something happened, something that almost never happens to me. I broke out. I stopped using it for a while, only to try it again later, and guess what…
I broke again.
Not only that, but a friend and I bought the cleansing oil together. After I had convinced her how WONDERFUL skinfood is, then she broke out too.
*sigh* This stupid product made me look like I don’t know what I’m talking about!!!! I hate looking foolish.


  1. Chin up! :) You'll find your prefect one oneday!

  2. That's too bad that it broke you out. I hope that you find the perfect eye makeup remover.
    Have you tried olive oil? I've tried it and it works quite well.


  3. Ugh, that happened to me when I tried Etude House's Real Art cleansing oil...was THE worst breakout I have ever experience :(( Found out it contains mineral oil(a real duh moment) SO now I'm on the hunt to find the ones that are M/O free :) FANCL and Missha's are good to go...(i hope) but I have yet to purchase anything, still doing alot of research.

  4. Aw, what gives, Skinfood?

    I was trying to find a good cleansing oil and almost buy carrot cleansing oil, too. Thanks for posting this up! I feel bad for your breakouts, though :( Hopefully by now you feel a-Ok!