Monday, September 21, 2009

Clearlast treatment primer- For dark circles eye primer

Size: 20g

Price: 1900yen

I have dark circles uder my eyes. I’ve always had dark circles under my eyes.

They drive me insane, because people are always saying how tired I look.

I’m just pale!  Veins and dark circles show up more clearly on pale people!

*grumbles* It’s an ongoing issue.
Anways... Since teh rest of my skin is fairly clear and even, I don’t like to use heavy foundation...
And I have trouble finding a decent concealer, and making it stick... The skin under my eyes is also super smooth...
So I spotted the Clearlast primer in a cosmetics store in Kobe.
It was 1900 yen which is nearly $20US... So it was the longest time before I actually bought it.
I would just go and look at it every time I was near that particular store...
I know $20 isn’t that much, since I obviously wanted it so much... But at that time I was trying to save up money for my flight home.
Anyways, obviously I eventually broke down and bought it...

I don’t regret buying it... but what the hell is it for?????

Seriously... I thought it was one of 3 things either a concealer, a primer or a eye treatment.
I know it says primer but skin care in japan doesn’t always translate into what we exect a word to mean in English...

It’s a thin white liquid... It applied to my under eyes smoothly... Then does nothing.

I can tell you it’s definitely not a silicone based primer based on the feel.

I’ve tried applying a light layer under my eyes, than makeup on top... But it worsens the staying power of my regular make up... It’s worse than just foundation over bare skin.
It doesn’t affect my dark circles at all, even after a week of using it every day... It’s colorless and doesn’t cover them....
I guess it must be a primer... It just really doesn't work.
The only reason I don’t regret buying it is I know, that If i had not bought it, it would still be bugging me to this day.


  1. hey, thanks for coming to my blog. The marie claire eyeshadow white gel thing shd act as a primer (shd) but sooo sheer that i'm not sure what to call it.
    Glad to see another beauty blogger adventuring in different things. YOur items you reviewed I certainly never heard of

  2. lol a lot of products promise to be 3 in 1s...but don't work as anything. and at least you tried it..and now you know!
    great blog btw!

  3. oh poo, sounded too good to be true i guess