Sunday, September 13, 2009

Suisai by Kanebo- Enzyme cleansing powder

Here in North America, enzyme peels seem to be all but forgotten, a little used alternative to the more hard core acid peels and rough scrubs.
I mean you go the drug store, and just about every Skin care line now has physical exfoliators.  Neutrogena “healthy skin rejuvenator”, St. Ives Apricot Scrub, etc.
My first introduction to exfoliation way back in Junior high was at a Sleep over party, and my best friend introduced me to St. Ives apricot scrub.
I didn’t even care about skin care back then, but my face felt so smooth.
Obviously it made an impact since I remember it even still.
But the Apricot Scrub is a prime example of something sooo bad.
Most of the physical exfoliators are WAY too rough for the face.
The other common alternative is an acid peel, most commonly Glycolic acid, but salicylic acid is out there.
I myself have the L’Oreal Anti-aging glycolic mini peel kit.
It’s lovely, but really it’s more intense than I need at 23 years old...
So... what am I to do?
There are gentle physical exfoliators like OLAY, which has little micro beads which are smooth and super gentle. And there are products with super low levels of glycolic acid.
But if you ever tried any of these “gentle” products, the results are...  mediocre at best.
*sigh* I can melt off the top layer of skin, or scrub away the top two layers, or I can feel like I’m doing nothing at all.
I’m sure I can’t be the only one who wants a middle ground. Something that exfoliates, makes you skin smooth, but isn’t too harsh or aggressive.
For me, enzyme peels are the answer.
I have a Pineapple (contains Bromelain the ultimate fruit exfoliate, it’s used in the food industry as a meat tenderizer!) enzyme peel which I use for my body. It’s dirt cheap and actually works.
And for my face, I have Suisai.
The pouch contains 15 individually wrapped portions of 0.4g (tiny I know)
this stuff is the shit.

It takes off enough dead skin that a couple of days use keeps me soft and fresh.
With no side effects.
So no stinging (like from chemical peels) and no scratched up skin.
It’s not quite as satisfying as a real peel.
The Enzyme peel works basically the same as and dry cleansing powder.
Dump the dry powder in the palm of your hand, ad a couple of drops of water, work into a paste, and apply to your face (I apply it dry, but some people moisten their face first).
I leave it on while I brush my teeth, then add some more water, and using my pore brush, work it into a lather and rinse.
My face is a little tight and a little dry at the end, but also soft and smooth.

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