Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sheer Cover Concealer Duo

Size : 1.5 g/ 0.05 oz
Price : 14.95 US (OUCH)
Generally my skin is pretty good. I’ quite pale, and I rarely get blemishes. So a sheer to medium foundation is generally enough for me.
But I do like to have a concealer of some sort for the occasional imperfections, or when the shadows under my eyes are too dark to hide easily (which these days is more and more)
The Sheer Cover concealer comes automatically with the entry kit.

Similar to the foundation you get two colors. I received the Light/medium combination with my light kit. My mom got the Light/Medium with her Medium kit...
There other colors are Extra light (which I’ve had and misplaced...), tan and dark. For anyone with a Dark complexion the Dark is probably not dark enough!!! Plus it’s weirdly red...
Yes that’s correct; you get the same concealer for both kits. That’s because like the foundation you are supposed to mix the concealers to get your correct shade.
*sigh* I hate mixing concealers. I really do.
With foundation you can kind of get away with an imperfect match if you blend the foundation well.
But since concealer gives you heavier coverage, a color mismatch is even more noticeable.
The concealer itself is smooth and thick. In fact too thick...  It needs to be warmed a little to spread smoothly, especially if you want medium instead of heavy coverage.
Generally It’s easier to apply the concealer to the back of your hand, let it warm a little, mix to get the right color shade, and then apply with a concealer brush.
The pots are a big enough size that you can use finger application (which works better if you want lighter coverage) or a brush.

The weirdest thing about the concealer is that it tends to crease when applied with the SC mineral foundation...
Even though you apply both lightly it will crease significantly...
The concealer used on its own, with only a little bit of loose powder to set it doesn’t crease too badly, but they don’t work in combination.
*shakes head*
Anyways, for the price this concealer is a PASS.
I’ve found better for a lot cheaper at the drug store.

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