Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pretika light therapy review

Pretika Light Therapy wand
The silly looking tool above is my Light therapy wand.
If you're addicted to skin care, and the newest coolest tool, then maybe you've come across some of the new light therapy tools for at home use.

Then again, maybe you haven't. Light Therapy seems to be only slowly taking on popularity.
Probably because it tends to be expensive...
Maybe even because a lot of people (like me) can't help but wonder how an LED light is supposed to make my skin smoother and firmer...
I mean really? light?
But when I found the Tanda light therapy tool on sephora.com I came down with a serious case of LUST.

Oh my GOD, I wanted it.
And then I read the reviews, the glowing reviews promising dramatic results...
Then I just had to have it.
But seeing the Tanda system is oh... nearly $300...
Well, that's a little out of my price range unless I'm guaranteed it's going to turn me into Megan Fox.

So I squashed the urge to stick the purchase on my credit card, and tried to forget...
Then one day, I came across Pretika...
And the light system was significantly cheaper.

It was so much cheaper that even if the whole thing failed I wouldn't be heartbroken (or just plain broke).
So I snapped it up for $30.
And excitedly went home to use it.

The device  is pretty simple, Like a red flash light with two settings, pules (I) and steady(II).
The pulse is supposed to better stimulate collagen production (so why are there two settings?)
You are supposed to keep the  lights about two inches from your face, I put it against my face because I`, concerned with damaging my eyes, and in the more expensive brands that what you are supposed to do.
Then you spend three minutes on each area of your face.
I spend maybe 9-12 minutes a night doing this (While watching Tv or something), but there are only a couple of spots on my face that I`m particularly concerned with wrinkles.
The first, and the bane of my existence is a single wrinkle above the left side of my upper lip.
I HATE that wrinkle.

My forehead and between my eyebrows are two spots starting to show expression lines (I`m only 23 it`s not fair... )

The results...
I`ve been using the Pretika thing for a couple of months now, not as regularly as I should, but fairly steadily.
And I am seeing REAL results!!!!!
The EVIL lip wrinkle is seriously diminished and one some days invisible.
The furrows between my brows are just about invisible, except when I frown, and my forehead is even smoother!!
Plus as an odd and unexpected side effect, my lips are plumper...
Specifically the left side (They are not uneven :P)
Honestly, I didn`t really think that the Red light would do anything.
I have been proven wrong, wonderfully so.


  1. I realy enjoy reading your blog especially about this product. Where did you purchase the wand. You should do some before and after pictures, not that I don't take your word for it, I am just curious. I am also starting to get concerned about wrinkles and I'm only 24! Life can be cruel

  2. hmmmm ok, gotta dig mine back out I think.... I used it for awhile a few years ago but was not sure of the results. Thanx for the encouraging info!