Monday, September 14, 2009

Sheer Cover Mineral blush

Price= $25
Size = 1g
The Sheer cover mineral blush comes in the same boring black compact as pretty much all of their point make-up. There is a fairly large mirror in the compact. Big enough to be actually useable.
The blushes don’t come with a little mini brush or sponge, but that’s fine with me since I never use the applicators that come with make up anyways.
They come in three colors, Pinched (Pink), Plum perfect and Ginger.
Pinched is on the left, ginger is on the right.

They can be bought singly, or for a little more you can get a duo of Pinched and Ginger.
Pinched is the most wearable color, and can be worn on nearly any kin tone. The Ginger and Plum are a lot more iffy. The Ginger is orange enough that even on warmer skin tones it can look a bit odd.
The sheer cover mineral blushes aren’t exactly what I’d look for in a blush... They are very matte, and two of the 3 colors do not appeal to me. Since I have the duo half of my blush is pretty much wasted.
                                                             Mixed, Pinched, Ginger

As you can see on the swatches, when I swirl over both colors the resulting blush is too dark for me!
I occasionally use both colors, but very very lightly.
                                               This is me wearing a very light layer of Ginger.
They are medium pigmented, so one or two swipes on me results in more than enough color. 
The texture are smooth, and only a little bit of excess blush comes up each time. And even though they are only one gram in size, they are pigmented enough that they last a really really long time.
                                 This is me in Pinched. A much better color for my skin tone.
I pretty particular when it comes to blush, there are certain types and colors that I avoid like the plague.
I HATE cream blushes... I always seem to make a mess, getting too much on the brush; smearing it...
I also avoid dark colors and Matte blushes. Since the foundation I use is very Matte, I like my blush to either have a hint of shimmer or preferably to be a tint.
But as far as matter powder blushes go the sheer cover are of good quality. They last forever and they have pretty solid colors.

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